The Uncommon Quilter

Uncommon quilts created by artists who have read The Uncommon Quilter.
Jude Mowris
Joyce Debreuil

© 2007 Jude Mowris

© 2007 Joyce Debreuil

"Chocolate Covered Cherries"
6" X 8"
fabric, ribbon, brown and pink threads and brown candy papers ironed flat

I tried to make the quilting look like wind since the trees seem to be waving in the wind.
8 " X 10"
green, red and yellow felt cut with a wavy rotary cutter, blue feathers, all covered with nylon netting, silver ribbon used around the edges.

Natalya Aikens Momo Jacob
© 2007 Natalya Aikens

© 2008 Momo Jacob

Journal 5/52
5" x 5"
organza, tulle, and lace scraps, tissue paper.
free-hand machine embroidered and hand stitched
I used faux leather as the background with plastic wrap
from paper handkerchiefs, which are at the moment in a special wrap. Normally they are blue, but they were in this wild-life-design.
I cut quarter-circles like in your book.
25 x 30 cm

Have you made one of the quilts in the The Uncommon Quilter, or have you made your own variation? Have you tried an interesting new material or technique? If you'd like to share it, email Jeanne.


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