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Jeanne Williamson is a visual artist. She combines printmaking, painting, collage, and stitching in her artwork. Her work can be seen in galleries and museums all over the world, in many books and magazines, on television, and on her website.

From 1999 though 2005, Jeanne made one small quilt each week, creating a grand total of 365 quilts. This project gave her the opportunity to experiment with different techniques and design. It also provided her with a time and place to be creative each week. Since 2007, Jeanne has been working on the 12 x 12 x 12 Series, which is similar to the Weekly Quilt series, but is a monthly series instead.

In addition to being trained as an artist, Jeanne was also trained to be, and spent a number of years as, an Art Teacher to children and adults with disabilities, such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and Mental Illness. She frequently led art projects that used recycled objects because she didn't have enough money in her art supply budget. The art projects sometimes included painting on coffee filters, printing with fruits, vegetables and found objects, and learning about color theory by making salads with different colors of fruit.

Jeanne lives in Natick, Massachusetts, with her husband Joshua Ostroff. She has a BFA in Fibers from Philadelphia College of Art (now the University of the Arts), and also a MSAEd in Art Education from Massachusetts College of Art. She is a member of The Boston Printmakers.

Jeanne enjoys painting and printing her own fabric, sewing, fashion, making her own clothing or decorating store bought clothes, watching independent and international movies, chocolate, and collecting PEZ dispensers, eye wash cups, hand made ceramic mugs, bottle openers, and variations of the letter J.

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